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Little Inferno Level Creation Contest

It's Little Inferno Just For Me!

These are all four entries from the Little Inferno Level Creation Contest. The contest is over now, but feel free to play the levels below!

The level-by-level breakdown, as well as the winner, can be found here.

Minecraft Signs

This replaces all wooden signs with Minecraft-y signs. This changes both the sign graphics and the sign fonts. Keep in mind that this applies only to wooden signs, digital signs inside Chapter 4 remain unchanged.
This is just something I put together, initially as a suggestion from kirdneh, as a reply to my Wooden Signs mod. I also had a great lot of help from Albino Pokey, who supplied the font and images.

travel up the weird mountain


climb up this upside down hill, mountain, whatever.



jump from goo structure to goo structure.
update: now a more difficult version!

small task


build up to the common goo, then to the pipe.


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