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manoloTue, 01/12/2010 - 21:2111.73m5153 hours 26 min
manoloFri, 04/22/2011 - 08:2130.27m1,1262 days 3 hours
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Level Creation Contest 1 Movilization Hibernation Unit

My big goomod for the winter contest!!!
Say hello! to the snowy mobile!Able to carry over 1000 go structures and deposite in a Can that reuse all the goo
And Destroy the spam.The giant boiler have a problem ...Many coal and road blocks need to be liberated to aim the goo to the pipe...
and also there are many ways to finish the level
4 to be exactly


The Mighty Hoax

well, lookee here

Original idea:g0ogle

Now legal! YAY!

Marathon Builder

A level made by g0ogle.

Specially this one is very creative, simple and fun
The development give me a good feeling about it
Also is hard to get the OCD!!Tell me how you get it!

Vectorial Factorial Weight Challenge

Made by g0ogle

Think that you know all about road blocks? Huh?
This Level will test your balance and economic ball use

As you know g0ogle levels are identified by its difficult and this is not gonna be the exception.I try it and i got to the sticky conclusion that this level donĀ“t need OCD
Is enough Hard for it!

So have fun!!!
And dont forget to comment records bugs or congratulations!

Beauty in danger!!!

Download NOW!!!

Hey ya!
Help the beauty to cross the jungle between the trampolines and the gears
Only you can help her!
but beware! because the jungle have tricky things that you must pass...

OCD is very easy, but the level is focused in the background scenelayer
Download Now and feedback!

The Wonderful test of courage


You think you are too good at World Of Goo???
Then Pass this level, Is simply wonderful
-Is Large
-Is Difficult
-The end is wonderful
Also you have to use tecnics Learned in World Of Goo.

OCD is laborious...
Download the level and have fun!

FeedBack Please!!

Cubic Menace!!!

this is a level preview about the next custom chapter:The Moon
You are in the World of Goo Corporation operative system and you have to delete
the cubic menace that defends the documents,The notice is that it have original
images from Wog .The level is easy,but funny because there are many ways to finish the level, also the ambientation I think Was correct.this is my first goomod published so...Have Fun!!


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