A mistake in Reference Guide

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http://goofans.com/developers/game-file-formats/balls-xml wrote:
wakedist : float : Default = 0 (no Wake)
Wakes sleeping Goos within the given distance

This is incorrect. When @wakedist=0 it can still wake goo balls up.
The default value should be -∞. If the distance is less than r1+r2+@wakedist, the goo ball will be woken up.
rx is the radius of the ball. If its shape is rectangle, rx≈max(width,height)/2.

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Good call. Fixed. What does any negative wakedist do, btw? Could the default just be -1 or such?

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I haven't tried that yet. WooBLE doesn't allow me to do that. Tongue

EDIT: Just tried @wakedist=-1. It can still wake goo balls.