My World of Goo is gone!

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I've had some PC troubles and my world of goo was wiped (and lots of other games) from my computer!

I originally had the game on my WII in 2009, but then my dad got it on the computer. I really loved the game and I have beaten it. It's a shame that all my OCD are gone and my progress.

I had the game on Big Fish. Is there still a way to get it back?

Thanks! Laughing out loud

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Unfortunately, there is no way (or one that I know of) to restore profiles. But trust me, playing the game the second time is a lot easier that first! And I believe you can get back to where you were!

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If you had a backup, you could restore your progress.

Also, did the game get deleted, or the progress? If the latter option, re-doing progress shouldn't be too bad (you'll have experience, thus making the journey easier.

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Ok. Thank you, and maybe this time I'll get it off 2dboy and not Big Fish games. :-3