World of good not working for me.

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thanks to epic games and world of goo becoming free I have downloaded it which took a very short amount of time, however whenever I try and play, the game starts a black screen for about a second or two then it goes back to home screen and nothing else, apart from starting epic games launcher again. I have tried to restart my computer thinking that was the issue but it wasn't, I have also tried checking the files but nothing shows up for me. to add to this for some reason world of goo is the only game I cannot play and when I asked Epic Games about it they sent me here. and sadly no error message or error log shows up.

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Hello there! It seems that several people have showed up here with similar issues regarding the version of WoG on Epic Games. The fact that there is no error log and it brings you back to the home screen leads me to believe the game is closing itself automatically. I have never heard of this type of issue before, you may have with davidc at his email or just wait for him to pop up on this site. Whatever the case, I wish you luck and hope it works eventually Tongue


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thanks and you are right I've been looking around a bit and quite a few issues with Epic games I wonder why.