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Sorry in advance if this topic has been brought up before. I am enjoying the game very much except since I connected to leaderboard at the World of Goo corporation, I now have HORRIBLE lag after every completed level. So, I deleted the game and re-downloaded on Steam yet my files were saved along with being connected. So, my question is how do I disconnect from the leaderboard? Thank you

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Connecting to the leaderboard shouldn't cause lag in the game or the World of Goo corporation. Lag might happen when you have lots of goos in a level (for eg. Tower of Goo, Cog In The Machine, Weather Vane etc.). When you go to the World of Goo corporation lag only happens because of the amount of gooball.

To disconnect from the leaderboard, follow this. Not sure if disconnecting will help though.

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There should be a checkbox on the EoL screen after you click the Continue handle, uncheck that and see if it fixes the lag.

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