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Adrian's Cassette Collection
This image was drawn poorly, but who cares.

Hello! What's up?

I was going through some addins on this site, and then I saw Monochrome_95's addin that introduces an idea of Cassettes, and then I though that I could do something similar.

I present to You... Adrian's Cassette Collection!

(Since the addin's size is massive (because of all the tracks that are over two minutes each), here's a Google Drive link:

There are 12 cassettes so far. Each one with unique song.

Cog In The Machine - Remake of the lost level

Remake of Remake of Remake of level from ToG realese
Main of level (ground image) and BG - SuperMany
Text for Sign Post - Monochrome_95
Level by 2DBoy (original idea) SerafimGWS (remake).
That maybe my last level and addin on GF, because i don't have motivation for making levels + making level are boring in 2020.

Night Climbing

My 4th level(actually not but the 3rd),which was made initially on November 2nd,2013 and was updated initially on May 18th,2015.And then it was abandoned.
V0.2.3.233:set the OCD 22 balls and modified the sign painter.

Updated again on July 16th,2020,just a week after my College Entrance Examination.
V0.3:modified the sign painter again by correct some mistakes and adjusted the buoyance of water so that the gooballs are able to float on the surface of water rather than fall down.

The number of my most ball collected is 30,but I think it can be more.

Cave Exit(DEMO Version)

After so much darkness, the Goos finally remembered that they were leaving... The only cube we can blow up is the exit! The top is ready for transport, just waiting for two EvilEye to go...

The Vanishing Blue Rain

Blue sky,vanishing rain,platforms and CoolerCommon balls...
Any danger is possible.The more difficult level, the test is the courage!
Find my new ball CoolerCommon:

Wack Zone

Just a simple level I cobbled up. Absolutely no shenanigans here whatsoever.

The beauty in the web

This is my first WOG level. You have to free the beauty who is held imprisoned in a giant web.
Enjoy !

Gooey Plains

Hey guys I am back after many years of absence, but for now here is a quick level by my own creativity and love!

Goo Adventure, Pack 1
Level 1, Little Wheel

The first six levels of a little journey called "Goo Adventure!"

In this first pack, Goo Balls from across the world begin coming together to enter the new pipe system and enter the NEW World of Goo Corporation.

There are two more packs planned, and 9 levels total, so keep an eye out!

Level order:
Little Wheel
Hang In There
99 Red Balloons
Virtual Machine
Enter The Corporation

1.1: Added time bugs to Enter the Corporation and Virtual Machine.
1.0: Release.

The Blue Carpet
Start Point

This level is a sequel to an original WoG level "The Red Carpet"
This level is not so hard, so you won`t struggle! (maybe)


1.0 - Initial release

If you found bug/issue - leave a comment, I will see this comment and try to fix! Wink