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Sawblade Runner (an Arena level)
Main Sawblade Platform

Hey! It's Volcanojungle!

A new and pretty dark thing appaered in World of Goo: the Arena!

The Arena is a underground, crowd-filled and red place where goos must complete deadly challenges...

Today, albino goo will save the beauty and pass over a lot of SawBlADes!

Credits: music: Kyle Gabler: You Will be Evaluated Later, 7billion humans
Sawblades textures: SeraphimGWS Smile (thanks!)

Goo required to finish the level: 5
OCD: 100 moves or less

Rotting Man
he looks like a block of cream cheese -someone on the goofans discord

I was working on recreating ALL the WoG levels, but with bone goo, i even made some variations of bone goo with the abilities of other goos. since the project is cancelled right now for uh, reasons... i'll post what it's left of it in this site.
i may work in it again in the near future.

A Jim2102 tribute
Dedicated to Jim :)

This is another recreation of an already made level this time the level being made by Jim2102. This inspiration comes from his woogle level editor video that is now deleted so this was recreated all from memory.

Outside the box

A simple level that requires you to think outside the box both literally and metaphorically.

Have fun.

World of Goo: SHUTDOWN
the world of shutdown!

2 years after the events of the original game, you have been tasked with destroying some objects located around the world. What new gooballs and obstacles await?

Update 1: "Release"
-chapter 1!
-nothing else! (yet)

Concrete Jungle

This is my third level I made. It took me a while to upload another level but I will try to make them more frequently.

OCD: 55 seconds

Build a Ramp

Use the GooBalls to build a ramp for the beauty to get to the BallBuster.

Neither the most fun nor the most challenging level I've made, but definetely an interesting concept.

Factory Investigation
Main part

Hey! It's Volcanojungle!

Big tennis asked me to make a level which have:

- the UpperShaft theme
- a BombShaft into
- and the name "facotry Investigation"

So i made it.

Ok, it's not the best level i made but I have school now and it's hard to do something when you have to do 1000 things at the same time lol.

I hope you will enjoy!

OCD: 9 balls


Hello everyone! Welcome to my new level, where you will encounter two unusual mushrooms. Enjoy your passage! Smile


Main place

Hey! It's Volcanojungle!

I just created a showcase level for the old Beta Ice Gooball!

I hope you'll enjoy my level!

Balls required to finish the level:4
OCD:20 balls but more is easy