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Delivering Beauty

Deliver beauty to the pipe!It seems like a long way to go...
This level is based on Deliverance and Grape Vine Virus.

Flying Fishes

Fly to the sky.
OCD: 5 balls (3.0 or later versions)
P.S. OCD is possible.
Sorry , MOM4Evr , for the 3.0 version.
I said that i don't make major changes to the level , but i have problems, i deleted the game and reinstalled it , and i have the level in the game folder.
I created the level again.

Version 3.language a.k.a. 3.2:
Added italian and french language.
Added Blocks

Version 3.color:
Added sign
Changed color.

Version 3.0:
Major changes

Version 2.0:
Added another weird connection.
Added fire again and breakable bar.

Version 1.3:
Added one tower

Tower of Goo Reloaded
The balls down there.

Tower of Goo new version: Tower of Goo Reloaded!

Version 0.1:
1. The first version.

Version 0.2-0.3:
1. Change the DrainedFallingAttachment balls.

OCD: 99 balls.
Goal: 25 balls.

NEW BALL USED: DrainedFallingAttachment!
Btw, why the FallingAttachment page is in the Woogle pages instead of Wooble pages?

WoG Corporation Green Balls Coloring

This is an example of changing the colors of WoG stuff. You can edit this package by opening it in WinRAR or just by changing the file format from ".goomod" to ".zip"

Please feel free to edit!

spongebob ball

today, spongebob is coming to World of goo & give the sign painter a new goo balls!!
special thanks to daft as brush for bug fixing.

Mobile Bridges

Those mobile platforms are the only things you can use to get to the pipe but they're surrounded by a weird, high pressure liquid that sucks down any goo that is submerged inside... deal with it!

World of Goo: Bubble Quest
World of Goo: Bubble Quest Poster

When the orbs of the Bubble Kingdom inserted from the towers, a massive havoc causing the whole Kingdom to be falling apart as well as the bubbles' floating ability. Travel to 5 different lands to restore them in balance.

- 130 Levels
- 5 lands and kingdoms to travel
- 3 Level Types: Normal, Collision, and Orbs
- New Graphics
- New Balls with their bubbles
- Custom Pipes
- ISH Signs in Part 4
- Cutscenes


No I didn't miss spell revolution! you'll get it...
This is the "sequel" to regurgitation pumping station
The Ivy gooballs landed on a distant exoplanet!
They have a problem to get back to earth... find out what it is for yourself!
Those who have tried my World Sandbox and watched its video would know what to do!
So would those who are familiar with goo whacking.

Heat Bomb test
The stucture (Left) and the Heat Bomb (Right)

I have made my first goo! Its a shaft bomb but red, burns longer, Bigger explosion radious and eyes are different. This is only a sample. The reason Albino Pokey is an additional author is cause he helped me out alot in how to make goos. You may use this new goo in your own level but to find it look for "BombHeat".

The Internet Connection

My third level it's a little bit complicated.