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Fire and Earthquakes
Burning Fuses Rain!

Fire! Earthquakes! Burning fuses rain!
This level is my fifth level on goofans. It was made long time ago and I improved it and published it here.
Goal: 999 balls Tongue
OCD: 100 balls
Not hard. Have fun! Smile

P.S. Fuses has burn time. A whistler will help.

This level shows you A NEW LEVEL ENDING WAY and how to create EARTHQUAKES!!! Feel free to use it!

0.3 Updated

Add a new level ending way and move this stuff to sample category!

Escape from the Factory
Level Screenshot

Try to free the GooProduct from the Factory using my custom goo!


  • DragBalloon - Drag that Detachstrand to Drag the ball!
  • RopeGoo - Really long strand... walks really fast... and can go virtually anywhere when attached!

Credits to FloatingFish88 for the RopeGoo images (Pulley System).
And credits to myself (yes ME) for making this level and the image for the DragBalloon goo.

You may also notice that I made the most of the small default level size in the WoG Editor (a.k.a. WooGLE).

Island 1 Infinite
Infinite Screenshot

Now you can load infinite new levels! Smile
I learned XSL for a long time but didn't fix the problem until I find this! Thanks DavidC for this tool!
Also thanks Daft as Brush for his Island 1 Enlarger!

P.S. If you want your chapter add-in in island1 works well with this add-in, use merging and do not remove the SceneLayer whose name=bg.

The Internet Connection

My third level it's a little bit complicated.

Heat Bomb test
The stucture (Left) and the Heat Bomb (Right)

I have made my first goo! Its a shaft bomb but red, burns longer, Bigger explosion radious and eyes are different. This is only a sample. The reason Albino Pokey is an additional author is cause he helped me out alot in how to make goos. You may use this new goo in your own level but to find it look for "BombHeat".

Chrome mod

Fairly good chrome...could be slightly more reflective...but ill fix that in a later version.

Meet The Sign Painter
The Screenshot

Just a funny joke. We hope you like it!!!

P.S. If you think that this is lame, that's fine. the mods didn't really like it.

Planet of Goo - v1.2
v1.2 (NEW)

Planet of Goo


It is a far little planet of Goo... When a large planet was blown up, Goo from around the world have started to fly to the building of a new tower... Goos from this planet also want to help them...

classic gooballs

this ONLY changes the water and the balloon

@DaB, the file that makes the balloon NOT rotate is in a MERGE folder

thanks, TM13


it now changes the Albinoes


Escape from the world of goo. Unfortunately, two planets blocking you.
What to do what to do...