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Hard or easy

Is it hard or is it easy

Sorry for the goo the "suicide" them selfs in the beggining.

World of Goo Profile Renamer
World of Goo Profile Renamer Screenshot

A small program I made. Just for the newbies.

Before you use this program, you must install:
· .Net Framework 4 Client Profile
· World of Goo (and played) (or you have the profile file)

V1.0.2.8 Updated: Merged two language packs; Changed encrypt encoding; Improved encrypt algorithm; Changed application icon; Make window resizable; Made the program smaller.
V1.0.1.2 Updated: Fixed two bugs.

P.S. Remember to make a backup of your profile. And if you find a bug, tell me about that please.

Off The Ground
Off the Ground1

My new level: Off the ground!Smile
How are you going to finish this level?
You need balloon!
Collect: 3 balls
OCD: 10 balls

New Pokey

An alternative look.

Useable Uglies
Ugly near the pipe...

Finally there are Uglies that won't fly away! The new ugly is also known as UglyNonFly. OCD is 36 goos...I can't understand...All I had to do to make this goo was remove the anti-gravity come it took so long for someone to think of that?!?!

Can you tell me whats wrong with this new goo ball of mine?

Why is my latest goo (Virus) invisible?

the BETA school

a new planet to test out my new gooball the



ive fixed it (i hope)

thanx and happy gooing

the long bridge builder

this is my third uploaded level

and this is an upgrade of ode to the bridge builder

its night time
so the goo in the other side is still sleeping

in this level i added evil eye.....

maybe its not perfect yet

i'm still working on it
but you can still download it now

and now version 0.2

- add some wind
- add stop sign (again)

absolutely easier to play Smile

NEW!! now version 2.6 is out!

- no more goo that fly all over the place
- the background image is more clear

and absolutely easier-easier to play

Pixel Trouble
A Screenshot (so you know what the level looks like)

OH NO!! The Sign Painter's TV is broken and you need to get some pixels for him. You had better watch out because those gears are deadly. However, the sign painter is a couch potato so he cant help you. But you had better get those pixels since he is grumpy today and since he was just recently promoted to BOSS (or CEO or KING) of World of Goo Corp. he just might fire you if you dont help him (although he doesnt say it its true). OCD is 85 gooballs (TESTED OCD is possible) when you are given 100 to start out with. Note: There are NO secrets in this level so dont bother trying.

Upsidedown Level Screenshot

What happened, the World has gone upside down, how are we going to get to the pipe now it's to far up.

Waterful Corporation

This mod changes WoG Corp balls into water.
Don't worry, gameplay not changes.

All sounds and grphics changed into water resources!!

VERSION 0.2! Now it works!!!