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Ivy Puzzle

My 52nd level at GooFans.

The balls you can see are not true Ivy Balls. Only one of them is well-known Ivy. Playing with my fake Ivies is... (spoiler alert!) quite original. I've never seen any other detachable-not-draggable ball...

I set OCD to 30 moves (it's easy). I think that lower bound can be about 20, but let me know if I'm wrong. Wink

Version 0.2 fixes incompatibility with widescreen.

Black and White

Black and White is my second chapter. It is also the first chapter I have created with gg. It has 12 levels and a hidden level called “Eeyore” that later appeared on Woody Mountain. This chapter went down once because the name of the intro level “Going Down” was already taken by another addin author and twice when the intro level again crashed. It is the first chapter to be moderated by MoM4Evr. The chapter grossed 452 downloads, making it the third lowest grossing chapter I have released.

Single levels

“From The Void”

“The Noir Bomb”

WooGLE - Fish Ball Fix

This addin is a companion for the World of Goo Level Editor (WooGLE)

It fixes the resource name errors in the original Fish ball.

This addin is ONLY required if you want to use the Fish ball in a custom level with WooGLE 0.74 or higher

This addin makes no functional,graphical or gameplay changes to the Fish ball!

Goo or Not, Here I Come
The level. Note the sign.

This structure is burning (like Super Fuse Challenge Time) except (so not like Challenge Time) there are INVISIBLE WALLS!

Through the Factory

Goo Product balls should be transported at the opposite cliff. But there is whole dangerouse factory between the cliffs!

OCD: collect all Goo Product Balls (11).

This levels contains only original Goo Balls, particles and graphics.

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BUG School #6

This level shows you how to use staticwhenattachedingeom attribute.

P.S. Actually there is no such attribute! Evil

Goal: 8 balls
OCD: 45 seconds

It's an easy level. I hope you enjoy it. Wink

Going Horizontal
What are you waiting for?

This is my first level, so I'm sure some things could be a little better...
There are 2 giant spinning gears going in opposite directions over a gap with spikes on the bottom. Your goal is to make it over the gap with at least 14 goos. OCD = 18 or more goos collected. Enjoy and thanks to all who have been so helpful since I've joined.

The Aftermath
On top of Bob.

A civil war has started between the goo nation. The northen goo balls are winning the war, and the poor southern goos are dying in pain. Help them reach the pipe to get to the WOG Corp and make a comeback! But be careful, the northern goos have sent two evils to make the job even harder!


it is inspired by the classic tile game the puzzle that is hard most of the time so i wanted to make one with some twists!

Where is the pipe?

This is a finding game. I'll make it harder in the 1.5 update Laughing out loud