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World of goo Dyamond catchers DEMO

I cannot believe myself - I first merged 4 levels and it works! PLZ download the 1st beta version and check what levels are there. Rate only when I will make THE 3RD BETA VERSION NOT NOW cause then it's gona be more amazing and interesting! Just the thing is this:

Beta 1: 4 Merged levels.
Beta 2: 6 Levels in a chapter
Beta 3: 8 Levels in a chapter
Beta 4: All chapter
Final version: Chapter on the map world view.

Simple as goo pie to merge levels Wink

Being Soggy

Hey guys. I know no one remembers me, but I'm back. And I bring a whole new level! You have to know that in this level EVERY gooball is important. And if you think you can make that detachable wall technique, you're very wrong. The new gooballs in this level are used to make some ground out of them by throwing them in the water. They'll inhale and then you'll be able to build on them. Sounds easy? Well, give my level a try!

Scribble Goo
scribble goo in action  :)

It adds a Scribble look to Common Goos

the car

This car is the one which deliveries many balls.
OCD= 22moves
Used a New TNT!

(Version has been updated to[V 0.5] )


jump from goo structure to goo structure.
update: now a more difficult version!

The Legal BETaco
Very taco-y

This is a fixed version of Tacomann12's BETATaco mod, a replacement for the common balls, which got taken off this site. Tacomann12 did most of the work, I just tweaked it a bit. The tacos now have 2 strands and cannot be detatched.
It is also in goomod 1.1 format.

Great work, Tacomann12! I love it! Smile

Sleeping Kitty
The sleeping kitty...

An easier level that I created in which I made a background out of my cat sleeping on my bed. The Gooballs are trying to get to the pipe without waking him up... Goo Luck!

London bridge

Once I was in the London but I never seen that bridge so... Drowned it as I could... I really like to make and play the new levels so couldn't wont upload this level. again no OCD but it's quiet fun to go through it! Have a fun!!!

Flying 0G Machine

A try with no gravity, like a NASA plane, design made with PS, some ideas and some pics found in google (free I hope)
It is not finished yet, but I hope you will send comments Smile
(Oh I have a Mac keyboard with a Xp, so the screenshot isn't available for now ^^)

Actually, any

Mr. Sign did too much color taking! You have to fix the colors! (Story based on that of "Black Gray White balls.)