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Fall Hold

Afraid of heights? Then this addin isn't for you. If you get through the level, the OCD is easy. Please bear in mind that this is my first level that I created by myself.
Please don't hesitate for suggestions!

Ivy Goo to Christmas Balls and Color Lights Wires

Christmas Balls and Color Lights Wires

Like the title, changes the Ivy Goo to red Christmas Balls and the goo conectors are now wires of colored lights...

Unfortunately I don't know how to make(or even if possible) another "body.png" work as a different goo for the same goo group, like it was made for the balloons mod. Sorry!

Made thinking for the "Jingle Balls" Mod from "David C"

If the is some problem using the Jingle Balls level image to show my Mod please, tell it.

Texture Format and Size Tests

A series of test levels to find out what formats and sizes of graphics files are "suitable" for the game. The aim is to get these levels tested on as many different platforms and systems as possible. Then to use the results to produce some "Guidelines" for level designers regarding the custom graphics they use.

Test #1 : 1024x1024 JPEG
Test #2 : 2048x2048 RGBA PNG
Test #3 : 2048x2048 LA PNG
Test #4 : 2048x2048 JPEG
Test #5 : 2400x2400 PNG
Test #6 : 2400x2400 JPEG
Test #7 : 4100x4100 PNG

Help us out!

Auto Apply Chinese
in game

Exclamation Mark WARNING Exclamation Mark
1:Do NOT try if you don't have Chinese translation(download?)!
2:this addin will change some things e.g. your display resolution (sorry...).


I found out that GooTool always changes language to English or French etc. If game players want to play game with Chinese translation, they have to edit CONFIG.TXT after save addins. This addin can edit CONFIG.TXT automatically. You don't need to edit CONFIG.TXT anymore!

The Second Cog In The Machine

Something has happen in this factory
and the sign painter won't tell.
There are some alarms in there
and OCD is 40 balls.
Both music and sounds are less loud.

Virus Box
Infected bit and the Box...


This is the sequel to "Virus!" (Bug School 3 is not part of the Virus series). Get the box to the bottom of the pit to up grade it.

At the moment I have 2 problems in this level...they are:
. My AntiVirusPixel goo ball won't work
. I can't make an ISHR pipe cause for some reason it keeps on screwing up so I put pictures over the ISH pipe

To see what you think might be the problem with the antiviruspixel look at screen shot 2,3,4...(The antiviruspixel is being temperarily replaced by the pixel product for now)


Rock Road
...the rocks will be moving as soon as you move the stands...

English description:

I spent at least 24 hours making this level,
and I edited N times at all.

Warning:DON'T DOWNLOAD v2.4!!!

Update log


This level is so easy.
So there is no OCD .
You only need to launch a "Bit".
Have a try!

Face Lift

Thought I'd start making levels rather than just beating them!

Beauty needs lift... can you help her?

I've set OCD at 69 moves.

v1.2 - I've taken out a few goos, and built holding structures on either side for the remainder. Should make things less frustrating!


I designed this level to exploit / demonstrate an aspect of the physics which hasn't been used in any of the levels I've seen.
If you can figure out what, then you'll find there's an easy and elegant solution which will also get you OCD if you are careful.

Oh and when I say "easy"...

Virtual Levels 2

My Virtual Levels 2