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WoG Corporation Green Balls Coloring

This is an example of changing the colors of WoG stuff. You can edit this package by opening it in WinRAR or just by changing the file format from ".goomod" to ".zip"

Please feel free to edit!

wog corporation goo changing pack
wog corporation goo changing pack

This is my first goo ball addin.


Click the "Install Now" button for a .zip that includes all the .goomods, or click the Downloads tab and select the one you want.
You can choose from one of the styles below:

Colorful Goo

This changes the Goo Ball color in World of Goo Corporation. You can choose:
- light green
- light blue
- orange
- red
- yellow

There will be more colors soon. Special thanks to RedTheGreen.

Fruity Goo

These change the Goo Ball to some kind of fruit:

- kiwi
- orange
There will be more soon

WoG BETA pack
free to download

hello chapes this is a beta pack I made feature the old BETA vershion of some of the WoG levels that are been made for a looooong time ago

WoG after 150 years

hello I come to present you my new future goomod
WoG after 150 years

after 150 years the planet of the goo is not in suitable conditions and they are going to look for a spaceship to go to a new planet and the old goocorp would be contaminated in a couple of years.(spoiler they are going to the moon and not to another planet but it is for something that will be seen much later)

Chapter 1 snow-filled mountains: has 8 new levels and 6 new goo
Chapter 2 the abandoned factory has 9 levels and 4 gooballs although I have done all the levels

WoG - Everlasting Evening

All (almost all) of the pictures were completely recoloured into black, and the background is the theme of the evening and the russian language still stands here, so if you want I will create the English version (in English). Rate it, please.

English version is here!

Winter Wonderland (level)

This is the title level from the chapter of the same name. This is the final level to be released as single in my second season of addins. It is the 8th level in the sequence. The main concept is:" you've finally reached it!"

This level is the most complex in the chapter and is somehow different to the chapter version 'cause i added something.

.SlipKnoT._2_2 Levels Chronology

"Swerve City"|"Winter Wonderland"|"Flying V"
Winter Wonderland
Front cover(main snapshot)

Winter Wonderland is my debut chapter. It is an eight-leveled chapter which has a winter themed environment. The chapter was moderated by movildima. He was the first moderator to release my chapters. Despite the lack of level production, Winter Wonderland maintained a good reference to a cool chapter containing the best gfx I made. As of October 2015, downloads for the chapter is more than 500, making it the second most downloaded chapter I have released.

Winter Tower

This is big custom level, with again a huge tower. This level i create by old version of Cog In The Machine.

Winter in the woods

One of the stories about the Goo


This mod gives your gooballs Santa hats and makes the goo corp snowy