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Fly in the sky
in the chapter 1

My third level,welcome to play?

The old forest

you are in a old forest... there is sights of a gun here! you might need help to escape. but something is wrong... there is not a normal forest.. there is a weird pc application and a gun.. also a titanic looking boat. you must escape

The Commodore PET
bottom sleep

Welcome to 1977! This was one of the computers that were part of the "Big Three".
This is the 2001 version, which happens to be released in 1977, not 2001.

Landing to Moon

This is a last level of my future chapter.

It is create coming soon!

Lightning Effect Sample

This is the same effect as the one in my recent level Stormy Day. Use this sample in your levels if you want.


Step 1: Download this addin

Step 2: Go into your level and import white32

Step 3: Change its animation to StormFlash

Step 4: Scale the image to cover your whole level, change the depth to 30 and move below your level.

Step 5: When you export into a goomod open the goomod with WinRAR or 7zip and in override/res make a folder called anim and drag and drop both storm flash files in your anim folder.

That is it. Let me know what you think

Linking Balloons in WOG {PROTO}
Linking Balloon dragging

If you havent heard already, there are balloons irl that have tips on top, which allows you to tie them together. aaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnndddddddddddd......................................................................... THEY ARE IN WOG NOW! Big smile (by me Wink )

The Wake Up Call

Wake Up the goo balls at the other side!


* I can't take pics in game they turn black idk why

Update 1.2 - Changed the OCD to 13

Morning Coffee
 It made me so *hic* cheery! - the peppy Sign Painter

Morning Coffee is the fourth addin by Purple Scientist and it will make you cheery! This level has zero gravity so it's more challenging than others. Also there are two new species of goo - Coffee and Sugar. Enjoy!

If you have problems with this level, tell me.

Update log

v0.3 - Now with OCD!

v0.2 - Fixed Sugar and added the missing strand.

v0.1 - Published the addin.

Electric Challenge
We're going back to the Information Superhighway!


Oh no! These gooballs are trapped in the depths of the Information Superhighway! You have to rescue them. It will be a real CHALLENGE!

Electric Challenge is the fifth level by me and it features a new species of goo - Electric (it's the same as Bit, but it's cyan, not green). I created music for the level by myself.

Update log

v0.1 - Published the addin.
Merry Gooistmas

It's the Christmas eve in the World of Goo!
The Goo Balls decided to build a tower high up the sky. What are they going to find there?
It's the seventh addin by me and it's not easy!

Merry Chistmas!Santa