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The BETA party
The BETA party

now comes with my new BETA ball

All the goos have come back.

except the beauty and ugly...

oh and is that a Fish under the bombs? (note: use it wisely because it doesn't detatch)

Rock Road
...the rocks will be moving as soon as you move the stands...

English description:

I spent at least 24 hours making this level,
and I edited N times at all.

Warning:DON'T DOWNLOAD v2.4!!!

Update log

the BETA levels
the Almighty BETA levels

this only has 4 levels at the moment. i will put new ones on soon.

here you'll be able to test out the BETA balls, the DELTA balls and the OMEGA balls

thanks and happy gooing

WOG first level Mechanical Hell

My first level made with woogle level editor for WOG.

Graphic (the visual art of the level) made with 3ds max and photoshop (Mix 3D 2D environment)
Level design, puzzle of the level ... all made by me.
Only a wheel, the last background, music/fire_sound_loop and the original balls pictures is not made by me (original made by Kyle Gabler , respect Smile
Dark environment and lights effect fit good for the ambiance.
2 custom balls and a big level with many hard steps.

Need 5 balls to complete the level.

YEA I FAIL HARD at the end xD !

Godly Common Goos
First Release

Makes common goos look like stars. Please give feedback. Enjoy Laughing out loud
- thinner and more transparent spring and strand
- more circular

Thank you 4 Smoking

This is the 4th level from GooGooAction's "WoG: Time for Real" mod - Thank you 4 Smoking. OCD is higher than in the original version. have fun

versions 1.0.1 and 1.0.2 by thB


My 2nd level. This level is easy, OCD is 12 balls.

Write me an email if level does't work. Have Fun

My email address:

Boom and down
New version 0.3

this is an level where you go down

NOTE:The original level name was going down and the folder name is goingdown

The Other Side of the Dispenser

Insert the only fuse gooball in the fire to set in motion the Goo Dispenser. Fantastic! The Goo Dispenser… dispenses gooballs. Unfortunately, the exit pipe is at the other side of the dispenser. You will have to circle it to escape!

The Other Side of the Dispenser is my first level and is quite not finished yet. Actually, I don’t even know if I will finish it sometime.

More information is available in this topic (now archived) on the 2D Boy forum.

Broken bones

This level is very similar with original level "You have to explode the head". I know that the jar of skull is not moving but thats whats how it have to be. OCD is 50 goo balls. I had about 53 maximal. I think that some of you at first will be confused but to finish this level use the skill of th level "Ugly school" - how to easy explode the bomb! But you have to work fast!

The latest version/s have got different OCD and other!