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Santa Claus Story(DEMO Version)

Christmas is here, and goos don't forget Christmas, but in their world it's called Xmas.
One day, Common Sticky wanted a XmasCommon,meanwhile, Santa has come up with a new way to give presents,to make sure it worked, he prepared a training ground.Will it ever work?

Clear the virus

Recently I successfully completed the first chapter of the levels, because I can not make the chapter and collapse, I do not know how to help good people how to make the chapter.
I found bossfight interesting while playing the Chapter Unknown World,so the last level in my chapter was made into a level like bossfight, which was released separately because it wasn't ready for a chapter.
Story:The Square Factory Program is going to crash permanently, you need to clear a virus before the square factory will crash permanently, to make sure that the square factory doesn't crash permanently, the goos have to support you in case the square factory crashes, the world will be forgotten.Please clear the virus and save the square world!

Red Winter

Devourers Appears!

srewoT yvI

Same place, same towers, but something's wrong...

Hang Towers

This level is combination of "Hang Low" and "Ivy Towers"

Idea by Daxperrin

Birthday by Electric Fragle

Don't get me wrong, it's actually my birthday。It's a special occasion. You can't miss it?I created this level.Have fun!
Warning:It's a large and long maze,you should spend more time to play.How fast can you do it?

Climbing and Explosives
Me making the level

This is my first real level, i dont know if its good or not, please tell me

Music: Tetris Party Deluxe Title Screen

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EDIT 1:Made it so the gooballs die (yes i forgot to do that)

Adrian's Cassette Collection
This image was drawn poorly, but who cares.

Hello! What's up?

I was going through some addins on this site, and then I saw Monochrome_95's addin that introduces an idea of Cassettes, and then I though that I could do something similar.

I present to You... Adrian's Cassette Collection!

(Since the addin's size is massive (because of all the tracks that are over two minutes each), here's a Google Drive link:

There are 12 cassettes so far. Each one with unique song.

The jenga tower

A short, Jenga inspired level using tech supports. My first goomod.

Exploding things higher

This is my first level,is pretty easy in my opinion

Goal: 20 balls
OCD: 30 balls


Ver. 0.2:
-Zoomed out the camera a little bit
-Added camera movement animation at the beginning of the level
-changed subtitle
-changed description