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Dead Swamp

That is something like an a level from my (not fully) unofficial DLC (something like addon) for UKW
Brutal bone by me, Hermit Snatcher (bone-monster goo in "wheel") by Toxic Goo, Wheel image by me and Toxic Goo, BG by me and Super Many, all other GFX stuff are by me (serafimGWS)

uploaded by LuckyGooツ

Matching Colors

A pretty simple concept. Only red balls can touch red platforms, and only blue balls can touch blue platforms.

Other mechanics:
-Purple platforms kill everything except purple Goo Balls.
-Gray platforms kill nothing.
-Purple Goo Balls (not featured) don't die to anything.
-Gray Goo Balls die to everything except gray platforms.

a very sticky climbing

it started raining!

This place is kind of dangerous, but it's not a problem for you, right?

watch out for gears, and fire ...
How can the fire stay lit with the rain?
it's possibly something we'll never know ...

2 new goo on this level

BlackSticky = a goo made with a black liquid, it is very sticky and can be used to climb in the black liquid that the pipes release

Leafy = It is a goo made with leaves and goo, it can be burned, so be careful with fire on this level

(sorry if you find something nonsensical in this text, I used the google translator)

What the level looks like

The beauty landed on Venus due to a rocket navigation failure. She can't escape the planet due its harsh gravity, but she can take shelter.

Triangoolar: Alternate Ending

If Triangoolar was a good mod, this is what it would look like.

Twisty Dark Creepy Forest

Yes ... another level with a frog

this level is inspired on World of Goo = The Unknow World

example of this =
the tentacles moving in the water and the little eyes that blink in the dark

No new goos added in this level

Also, Thx to Crazydiamonde for helping me with Twisty's name

0.2 = Just a little thingy, updated the death bush image

Golden Palace
Coins, Coins everywhere

The palace owner is allowing you to take a tour in his world famous golden palace. He owns so much gold he considers it worthless. Its time to take advantage while you still can.

Pro tip: easy with the gold coins, they are heavy and can easily weigh your structure into the spikes.

Help Me Up
Bottom half of the level

Good old WoG beta nostalgia!

This is my FIRST level!

IMPORTANT! There is a geometry error which will cause the Goo structure to fall so don't put a Goo on a strand connecting one of the Gooballs and one of the AnchorStickies. Don't even ATTACH IT!!

-the Sign Painter

Death Valley

A level which I decided to scrap, simply because it was too hard for me to complete. Someone else might be able to, though...

Keep your balance on the boulder, and make sure not to touch the ground. The goo balls are detachable, but you can't thwack them.

Gear Jet

I haven't updated it in a while. I've been playing Among Us in my free time.I wonder if anyone here has seen me.I finished this level today, but it's very simple.Have fun!