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Corroed Mechanism (pretty hard level)

Hello! i'm here again with another level, this time i won't explain the gooballs so you can go and discover they do!
please, read the signpost of the levels to understand the gooballs
there is also a hidden signpost in the level, good luck finding it
the music in this level is named "Unclear Helium" and it is composed by Adrian122, i'll leave links to the song and his souncloud account
v0.2: fixed a little bug of the sticky gooball getting stuck to a invisible geometry

Golden Palace
Coins, Coins everywhere

The palace owner is allowing you to take a tour in his world famous golden palace. He owns so much gold he considers it worthless. Its time to take advantage while you still can.

Pro tip: easy with the gold coins, they are heavy and can easily weigh your structure into the spikes.

Froggy Long Freezing Road

let me introduce you to Froggy, froggy is a green frog that ... we are still studying how it can survive extreme cold ...

3 new Goos at this level

Freezing Common = Freezing Common is like the common goo, but with the difference that this species has 3 strands
These commons can freeze in contact with extreme cold, so be careful with those poles that produce extremely icy wind

Yeti Common: These goo are like the Freezing common, but they have several differences

Merry Christmas
como lo edite

it's my custom level of WOG it's christmas i hope you like it

TheFactoryLands (alpha version (chapter 1 only))
Waste part

This is my really first custom chapter!

i prefer the remastered version that you can download here:

There are 12 levels on this chapter. All of them are on the site (

- W6
- Factory Entrance
- Gunpowder
- GunwpoderChallengeTime
- DarkRiver
- Pipeway
- Main Pipeline
- Main Drain
- Wasting
- Smoke Problem
- WasteStorageUnit
- IntotheWasteLandfill

I hope you'll enjoy and a lot of thanks to Crazydiamonde for his help for the "coding" part of the chapter!!

Credits: music: Kyle gabler

Main image

My first level, something simple and made for world of goo Smile
I hope you enjoy Wink

Tower of fuse

Goal: 30
OCD: 72

Platform Ball Level

pickle pob v

Grass Cliff
Main part of the level

Hey! This is my first level with a entierly home made picture! (the old picture is UGLY! Beware for your eyes!)(the new one is WAY BETTER! thanks APerson Smile )

It's called GrassCliff and the file name is Cliff1. You can use it as you want but just credit me Smile

Never mind: credit APerson now he remake the texture of the cliff and it's way better!

Balls needed to finis the level: 10
OCD: 50 balls but 84 is possible (also the max possible)

Goo tree
Vines image

My second level and I see that it is very easy, thanks goofans Smile

and in first version Laughing out loud