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Mysterious ISH Red World

The scene

Hey, long time no see.Here is MBS.
Nowadays I am thinking about a level pack called "Mysterious ISH Color World(MICW)", and I tried to make the first one.Now you can see it, yes , it's the RED ONE.
MICW contains 5 levels , each of them are named by its color.The feature of it is that there is only 2 colors in one world.
So you can see, I have to make lots of image.I have completed the ISHR so far.

Bomb Time

Finisi the level!

Now, have you seen that big round thing? It's time for POPING!

Cloud Kingdom

The Eye

Hello,MayBeSuper again.Now here is the last level of Gooey SC2 Map Pack.It is called Cloud Kingdom.Therefore it's a story about clouds and goo-balls.

Day Break

Up the beauty

(Aka 破晓黎明)The beauty brings us hope.But it'll drop!

Fixed Valley


(Aka 湮埋深谷)Be Quick!The bricks are coming!

Hang In The Planet Gang


When One PLANET dies,the other one will dies,too.

Catch IT!


Be quickly!

Virtual Little Inferno2


For Our Little Inferno!!

Where is the other balls?

Is it enough?

These balls are not enough to get the pipe, so you need to find others!





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