Mysterious ISH Red World

The sceneAuthors: MaybeSuper, copcap, Ageman4Evr
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Release date: 06/11/2014 - 18:50
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Hey, long time no see.Here is MBS.
Nowadays I am thinking about a level pack called "Mysterious ISH Color World(MICW)", and I tried to make the first one.Now you can see it, yes , it's the RED ONE.
MICW contains 5 levels , each of them are named by its color.The feature of it is that there is only 2 colors in one world.
So you can see, I have to make lots of image.I have completed the ISHR so far.
It's really an easy level, you can just regard it as a level to test new balls.However I spent much time on making it.And it's only the first level of MICW.It will be more wonderful in next 4 levels.
To be continued Smile
Warning:If you have installed my new chapter.Remember to uninstall this mod at first.

There are 6 screenshots.

The scene
Normal Pilot
An interesting and unnamed thing
The pilot which get 3 strands
Bomb of ISHR~
Pipe of ISHR~
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