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Happy WoG's 10th Birthday

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of WoG, copcap, WOGplayer and I made several levels which contain some of old levels. And they are as follow:

  1. Memories -WOGplayer
  2. And They are Here -copcap
  3. Step Forward -MyGom

We all hope you enjoy them! Big smile



Troll levels

Level 1

The eight levels look the same as offical levels, but they are VERY VERY HARD!

-8 levels
-2 new balls
-Challenging and surprising

The level pack needs imagination and skills.
If you can't get the key, look at the Sign Painter.
Each level's Sign Painter gives you some tips.
If you want to brace yourself,
please do not look at them.
Also, try not to see WOGLE!

Have fun playing!

version 1.1:Fix the problems that Hicassius found

The Block Maze


I am back!
I've made this chapter for 'bout 2 weeks, but i spent lots time updating and fixing it.
okay, let me introduce it.

The Rule of The Game

It's easy! Drag the red ball to the pipe!
Yes! Such an easy game!


This chapter has 20 levels.
Ah, maybe i am wrong.
In fact, there r 25 levels.
20 normal levels,
and the final Extra Level is hidden and mysterious!
Not only finish Extra level 4 but also finish... I cannot say any thing anymore.
Finally, wish you to have a goo-d time!

The Deceiving World

island view

Hello everybody
i am back again and again Smile ...
and this time i share a new chapter for you,
and its name is quite strange,
The Deceiving World,
and what is the feature of it?
there is a "chinglish" may explain well,
It is :
Pit Dad.
now let's introduce it,
the chapter is hard,
because you will be makin' mistakes in each level;)
and if you want to finish one level so you must retry one level... for many times.
a bit hard but interesting,
have a try!


1. Enter the World
2. Click Me!
3. Click It!

World Of Goo:Mysterious ISH Color World


My first new chapter.
It consists of only 5 levels... I can't say that they are wonderful, however I just tried my best.
I took a whole month to produce this chapter and now enjoy it ;)Remember the chapter will override your Chapter 4!
Thanks @copcap and @dengshouhao for the pictures they provided.And thanks @wogfan for his xsl.
Warning:If you have downloaded my BLUE WORLD and RED WORLD, uninstall them before you install this mod.
Custom particles used.(Level)
3.Firefly_trail(@Mygod )
4.ishb_sleepZzz(@Mygod )

Mysterious ISH Blue World


I promise that this is my last time to release the preview of MICW!
Well ,to publish this addin is for someone who are waiting for my level pack.You may feel bored so I publish this...
Good luck!The level pack(In fact it may be a chapter)is coming in 1 week Wink .
Warning:If you have installed my new chapter.Remember to uninstall this mod at first.

Slide On The Blocks 2

I continued making levels, and now I finish a level. It is the second Slide On The Blocks series. I think I have found all uses of the blocks Tongue. I think I will not make such levels any more.

Goos are in a blue world! They want to leave here. But it isn't easy. They know it's dangerous but they wanna have a challenge. Help them with it!

Particles Used:

1. ishb_digitalrain
2. ish_bigfire

They r made by myself!

Trapped In The Puzzle World


Okay, I have to say, I really want to make level these days. For this time, @Rayleed and I made the level together.
@Rayleed provided me with a good originality, so I decided to write him to the author.

Our main role: Miss Beauty got trapped! It's quite dangerous. Hurry! Do your best to save her! But if you want to, you should think about how to free her!

P.S:There are two strange tools in the game, understand how to use them!

The Adventure Of Ugly

In the chapter...

Long time no see, I was busy learnin' makin' the chapter, and i bring my 1st chapter back!
This chapter is called "The Adventure Of Ugly", i made the story of one ugly, and it shouldn't be difficult.
I overcame many difficulties, maybe they weren't hard to solve, but i tried my best. I spent lots of time makin' it, though the levels aren't many. wish you like it Smile.

They Are The Levels

  • Make Ugly Adventure
  • Underground Subway
  • Continue To Go
  • Start To Fly
  • Please Enter The Password

Mysterious ISH Red World

The scene

Hey, long time no see.Here is MBS.
Nowadays I am thinking about a level pack called "Mysterious ISH Color World(MICW)", and I tried to make the first one.Now you can see it, yes , it's the RED ONE.
MICW contains 5 levels , each of them are named by its color.The feature of it is that there is only 2 colors in one world.
So you can see, I have to make lots of image.I have completed the ISHR so far.


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