The Deceiving World

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Hello everybody
i am back again and again Smile ...
and this time i share a new chapter for you,
and its name is quite strange,
The Deceiving World,
and what is the feature of it?
there is a "chinglish" may explain well,
It is :
Pit Dad.
now let's introduce it,
the chapter is hard,
because you will be makin' mistakes in each level;)
and if you want to finish one level so you must retry one level... for many times.
a bit hard but interesting,
have a try!


1. Enter the World
2. Click Me!
3. Click It!
4. Ugly and the Tentacle
5. No Ways to Win
6. Explode All the Way
7. Fly to the End
8. Come up to the Pipe
9. Exit the World

At first I wanna add more new levels, but I cannot come up with any good idea, and i used two old levels...
Thatz all...(in fact i have nothing to say)

Click chapter 3 to enter it.

V1.34 Uploaded!

1. Add a level
2. Thatz all...



PS:Another chapter of mine:The Adventure Of Ugly

There are 11 screenshots.

island view
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level 1
level 2
level 3
level 4
level 5
level 6
level 7
level 8
level 9
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