Mysterious Fuel Factory

Authors: My Gom, copcap, wogfan
Total downloads: 22,924
Latest version: 6.8.4
Release date: 08/16/2014 - 05:59
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This is my first level pack, and now it's a NEW CHAPTER!(may become a new chapter)!
Mysterious Fuel Factory-one factory of the ENS Factories!.
That means this is a series about the ENS factories, and the factory(real name is the Ens Fuel Factory) is the one of all.


Story Line

As the goos were travelling, they found a broken factory named the Ens Fuel Factory. And then they tried to get into the factory, but after they made it, they found this factory was so MYSTERIOUS AND STRANGE!
..."Where's it?" a goo said
"It's the jail of the factory..." a sign painter said
Then they heard of the stories of the factory...
They met the fuels and saved them...
The goos planned to run away and they took the fuels...
They've got to pass the checkpoints...
On the way, they met some goos they'd never seen before...
And what's gonna happen?...
Some new friends?
Or enemies?

Let's see...

To be continued

New Goos
1: Flyer;
2: Gift Product;
3 and more : Get it, then you'll know!

This is the story line of this chapter!
For more, click the button "Install Now"!!!!

WARNING: Don't add the other mods to the chapter 3 when you add this one, or your game will CRASH!!!

And, of course, if you want the pack instead of the chapter,
the pack's still here, look below!

Level pack:

There are four parts.

Part 1 was completed:

Level 1: Mysterious Color Tunnel (in a the dazzling maze of color and an Easter egg!)
Level 2: Factory's Gift (you have to make good use of the flute.)
Level 3: Factory's Stories (you can tell most of the story of the factory.)
Level 4: Transfer Station (Welcome back!)
Level 5: Rescue in Rain (an Easter egg!)
Level 6: Floating Ground (also an Easter egg!)

Part 2 was completed:

Level from 7 to 10: From Alpha to Delta Checkpoints(Those are primary checks and use your head!)
Level 11: Trapped (This just a sign!)
Level 12: Engines' Invite(This just a sign,too!)
Level 13: Engines' Home(finished 80%)

Part 3 was completed:

Level from 14 to 21:From Epsilon to Mu Checkpoints!
I think the levels are funny and easy in this part. Some levels may be a bit hard, for example the Epsilon Checkpoint and the Kappa Checkpoint. And there is long in the Mu Checkpoint,here are many rooms...

Part 4 was completed:

This is the last part and includes 11 levels in it.
Levels 22-27 are the points and at the Rho Checkpoint(Level 27), the fuels made a decision to save the factory instead of running out.
Level 28: Counting Down-there's only 20 minutes counting down to find the button, then turn on the engine and add the fuels to it.
Level 29: Transport on the Spiky Road-the fuels find the button to turn on the engine and send it to the place engine's in and there's still 10 min.
Level 30: The Last Transportation-something come up when the fuels are sending the button to the place and there's only 5 min(This is the limited time level).
Level 31: The Turning Time-the fuels finally send the button to the place and they need to put'em together to turn on the engine and there's only 3 min!
Level 32: The Last Two Minutes-the fuels need to add the fuels to the engine to make it keep running IN 2 MINUTES!(It's a limited time level, too)

At last, THANK @wogfan, @copcap and the others I've forgot for helping me to finish the chapter!


What are the updates

First update:

1:Replace the first level of music.
2:MFF_RedBall replaced the RedBalls, delete the RedBalls particle effects.

Second update:

1:Change MFF_GiftProduct wakedist=no.
2:Improve the level 2 Sign Painter words.

Third update:

1:The third level of killer narrow and increased, because Mygod think it's too big, not beautiful, I also have a little agree...You can see they in 3rd screenshots.

Fourth update:

1:Add a new level(Engines' Home) in the Part 2.

Fifth update:

1:Add a movie(my 1th movie) for level 7.

Sixth update:

1: Now with new improved Gamma Checkpoint.

Seventh update:

1: Add a new virus particle effects for level 13 and you can see it in 13rd screenshots.

Eighth update:

1:Added a movie to the last level(The Last Two Minutes).

-The level packs have been kept stopping update! The next updates all for the chapter!

Ninth update:

Changed the pictures in the movie.

Also Try the Other Factory(ies)!

The Second: The Informationalized Factory

There are 2 screenshots.

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6.8.4AllMon, 08/04/2014 - 18:54com.goofans.mygom.MysteriousFuelFactoryIV.goomod1.63 MB1,141
6.8.3AllSat, 03/16/2013 - 19:18com.goofans.mygom.MysteriousFuelFactoryII.goomod129.34 KB1,262
6.8AllSat, 03/16/2013 - 19:18com.goofans.mygom.mff9.goomod62.37 KB1,273
6.8.2AllFri, 03/15/2013 - 05:31com.goofans.mygom.MysteriousFuelFactoryII.goomod126.63 KB1,240
6.8.1AllSun, 03/10/2013 - 01:15com.goofans.mygom.MysteriousFuelFactoryII.goomod125.85 KB1,267
6.8AllFri, 03/08/2013 - 03:57com.goofans.mygom.MysteriousFuelFactoryII.goomod108.13 KB1,263
6.8.2AllMon, 02/18/2013 - 16:56com.goofans.MyGom.MysteriousFuelFactoryI.goomod500.75 KB1,226
6.8.1AllMon, 02/18/2013 - 02:54com.goofans.mygom.MysteriousFuelFactoryI.goomod500.72 KB1,217
6.8AllMon, 02/04/2013 - 18:37com.goofans.mygom.mysteriousfuelfactorypartI.goomod709.57 KB1,453

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