The Block Maze

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I am back!
I've made this chapter for 'bout 2 weeks, but i spent lots time updating and fixing it.
okay, let me introduce it.

The Rule of The Game

It's easy! Drag the red ball to the pipe!
Yes! Such an easy game!


This chapter has 20 levels.
Ah, maybe i am wrong.
In fact, there r 25 levels.
20 normal levels,
and the final Extra Level is hidden and mysterious!
Not only finish Extra level 4 but also finish... I cannot say any thing anymore.
Finally, wish you to have a goo-d time!

P.S: The biggest feature of it is the game only have four kinds of colors! Black, White, Red, and Blue! You'll know how to use'em in few seconds after you play.
My 1st chapter here
My 2nd chapter here
You may need one of them if you wanna pl@y #x*^A I1_1I 6-1 !

Ouch, something wrong with the text. I cannot fix them, my bad.

There are 7 screenshots.

island view 1
1st level...
2nd lv
island view 2
Extra 1!
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