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Gotcha! 2


The main idea of this level comes from Gotcha!
Though it is not so hard,
someplace can't be called "Trap",
I still want you to enjoy it!

PS:The level is possible and it is VERY EASY TO FINISH!

Click It!


Well, It's also a Trollface Quest Level (Just a similar kind),
Don't think it is esay,
Also think it over!

Click ME!


It's a level just as Trollface Quest game,
It is very easy (belive me!),
But you have to think it over!

-The easy level made by copcap.

The Level Has Been Updated

  • Add a picture on clicking the button


5 collected

The simplest structure building. Enjoy. Laughing out loud

Goal: 4 balls
OCD: none
Personal record: 5 balls

Developers: This is a sample for showing the usage of the autodisable bug. Thanks @copcap for discovering it.

Line the beauty

Start game...Well here has a stranded beauty?

Through the gears and get the pipe!
OCD69s is difficult! I got it Wink .

Mysterious Fuel Factory

This is my first level pack, and now it's a NEW CHAPTER!(may become a new chapter)!
Mysterious Fuel Factory-one factory of the ENS Factories!.
That means this is a series about the ENS factories, and the factory(real name is the Ens Fuel Factory) is the one of all.


BUG School #7

This level shows you the bug about a new gooball.But it's dangers!
Go up...
Special thanks to:@Mygod

Slide on the blocks

I'm very glad to do this level.It's not bad.
Can you pave the long way?
And what do you eliminate the big obstacle?
My 11th.
Good luck.

New one

  • 1.Change the color of water;
  • 2.Add some new pictures;
  • 3.Add timebugs;
  • 4.Easier to get the OCD;
  • 5.And some others.

Falling balls


My 10th level.
If you want to complete this level,you must find gifts!
Big gifts!
Oh,As far as possible less moves!

Have fun!

-The addin author.

Explode fuse ball

In this level,Fuse can explode geometry!
And,These are ordinary fuse!
Fuse ACTS as Bomb used!
Oh,only one-off.

goal:3(that too easy Wink!)


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