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Two Tasks

by GooGun

Name: Two Tasks
Suspension Mansion
Description: Who even puts ladybugs on their desktops???

Bright Sunlight


by GooGun

Name: Spiky Ledge
This is it, guys!
Description: The goos will have to pass a deadly pit to make it out alive! With only a handful of balloons, will they make it?

Flooded Grotto


by GooGun

Name: Flooded Grotto
Water Physics
Description: The goos have to pass through the water to make it out of there. However, the physics are against them, and so is the wheel underwater!

Sunny Ledge


by GooGun

Name: Sunny Ledge
Sleeper's Choice
Description: Everyone's asleep! Let's wake them up!

Pixel Prison


by GooGun

Name:Beauty Calamity
The gray isn't enough!
Description: Beauty manipulation included! This is the first custom level with a Beauty goo published as far as I know.

Pixel Corner


by GooGun

Name: Pixel Getaway
Don't get bit-ten!
Description: This is the first level. In it, you need to make skillful use of the Bone, Pokey (which can sleep with its eyes open ) and Ivy goo.

Ascension Mission

Who puts ladybugs on their desktop anyway?

Part of Computer Craziness pack.

Weegee's Abode

What? Wait... who's in the corner? ...Oh no!

Part of the Computer Craziness pack!

Through The Gears

We have to get to that flame!

A level that is part of 'Computer Craziness'.


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