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level profile.

soo... yeah... I have left this community in 2 months before (I think)

OCD: 13 Balls (this is my first level that has OCD)

0.1: the first version of the level (no song loop yet)

uhh there is a video about a problem (there is a wall on the right [thin wall]) if you misunderstanding what I talk, please turn on subtitles (but not the "auto-English". and you can go to the video menu or see here https://


Meanwhile at Ellio's Table

this is where the game starts, however due to blocking to prevent from goo to death, you must bomb it up first

are Ellio will be noticed?

Finding A Pipe

here is the place where the game starts

the place is dark and quiet but the place is still visible.
the goo balls wanted to find the pipe.
the creator of this map is confused what's the title so at first, the naming was "I need an idea".
after editing all data at this level, he had an idea of what's the level name was so it will be called "Finding A Pipe"

0.2: changed Ellio's tasks from "make goo sleep" to "make goo sleep(done)"
0.1: the upload

Goo On World Of Goo Level Editor

the start of the ivy goo

hi, this is my first level. I uh I'm don't know what to say anymore Sad


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