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Hey, its me DemonGamer! This is an account I want to use for creating my "Extended Levels" Wink

Check out my main account! http://goofans.com/user/139692

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Extended Levels Contest

Hey everybody, these are the levels that were summited for my "Extended Levels Contest!" (Hosted by me, DemonGamer) Where players had to modify and extend a level from the original game.


Winner: Blazer88

2nd: samangamer1386
3rd: SerafimGWS
4th: Scarlet Fury/Gooballs Of Fire
5th: Liether345
6th: Said
7th: Volcanojungle

You can find a more in-depth review on the levels in the video description.

I hope you all had fun and thank you for participating Smile

Weather Vane Extended

The Sign Painter is hiding something...

Burning Man Extended

Hey everyone! Welcome to a new series I will be starting (and hopefully continuing) The Extended Levels! This when I get a main level from the original game and I make it longer, hints the name extended.

My Goal for this project is not to just copy pre-made levels and modify it, but to add my own ideas in. Please, do comment what level I should "extend" next Wink

Created By DemonGamer: http://goofans.com/user/139692


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