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World of Goo

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TM13Mon, 01/17/2011 - 00:3120.85m1,2281 week 3 days
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Going Up Cool (big mess)

OCD, yes

Hey! It's Volcanojungle!

I created this level for fun and... it's fun to play (not to get the OCD lol)

Gooballs from... lot of people!

Gooballs from:

The Official TM13's View of the World of Goo: PART 1

and remember: HAVE FUN!

This is PART 1 to the huge 3 part mod.

Welcome to the other side of the world.

Its Tacomann13's View, of what the 'other side' looks like.

please note:

That this mod will only work if there are no other LEVEL MODS in your Gootool. That means you can still enjoy themes.

thank you,

Christmas of Goo

A smallish mod that changes the World of Goo to be Christmas'y.
Except the Bones thought it was Halloween. And the Uglys failed at eyeliner.
The Beautys are looking beautiful with their mascara and eyeliner.
The Bomb Stickys... they wanted to be stars... but apparently they meant movie stars...
And the Ivys... well it looks like they have the Chicken Pocks.

I hope you like this mod.

Merry Christmas!

and a happy new year...



Tacomann13's View of the World of Goo demo

TM13's View of the World of Goo

Welcome to the other side of the world
New species of goo are here
new levels
new animations

have a look, and explore the amazingness


This goomod NEEDS to be the ONLY goomod in your Gootool.

and im serious

Tacomann13 aka TM13

pictures and idea by TM13
2 levels: Spinning Cog and Black Gunge by Yourself
the Maple, basic, balloonR and Rooty by TM13
guess what, the sign painter is... TM13!, what a surprise

Tacomann's Lil MODS

I was sitting on my couch thinking of NEW stuff for my WoG2,
and then it hit me (sorta)
Why not make a whole bunch of little mods for people... and thats exactly what i did,

Here's some info about some of them
1.Asteroid Belt, it just creates a tranparent ring of rotating asteroids in the MapWorldView

2.Teeth, All it does is makes the letterbox_bottom/top pics for MapWorldView have teeth, oh it also changes the background to give it a better effect

3.The World Is On Fire, I practically just copied the Merge folder off my DEMON mod. But most of the credit goes to DaB

classic gooballs

this ONLY changes the water and the balloon

@DaB, the file that makes the balloon NOT rotate is in a MERGE folder

thanks, TM13


it now changes the Albinoes

WOG2 demo: Going Left

this is just a demo

this is just a demo just to show you how hard some of the levels are

(im not saying this is the hardest, or easiest)

please give feed back


DEMON pack

this changes mostly everything to red.


now the WORLD is on FIRE (thanks DaB), and the Albinoes
it ALSO changes some fonts to 'MY STYLE'

i hope you like this

also make sure you check out my screenshots before you download

thanks Smile,

the BETA levels

the Almighty BETA levels

this only has 4 levels at the moment. i will put new ones on soon.

here you'll be able to test out the BETA balls, the DELTA balls and the OMEGA balls

thanks and happy gooing

the BETA school

a new planet to test out my new gooball the



ive fixed it (i hope)

thanx and happy gooing


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