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Force Field maddness

Which way?

Navigate your way through the forcefields around the place, but be quick, its a time OCD. This level has the sandbox_pixel, which is a detachable goo and made by ExchangeGOOtent.

The Aftermath

On top of Bob.

A civil war has started between the goo nation. The northen goo balls are winning the war, and the poor southern goos are dying in pain. Help them reach the pipe to get to the WOG Corp and make a comeback! But be careful, the northern goos have sent two evils to make the job even harder!

Ugly school

The whole level.

My first challenging level is here!(That is the OCD) Get NonFlyUgly to the pipe as fast as you can. Custom goos: NonFlyUgly, Common_Pink, BombStickySP and RectSP.


Ever since I learnt how to use woogle I have always wanted to make a level similar to this...but back then I didn't know how to make goo balls and because I'm the creator of NonFlyUgly that goo didn't exist. Now thanks to my good friend here my first level Idea has came to life! OCD is 35 seconds.



SP have been replaced with a RectHead and a BombSticky.

A tricky first level

The structure nearly over the edge.

My first level using ExchangeGOOtent's knowledge of world of goo. The pixel structure is too heavy for the Evil Eye...if only some pixels would die. There is a 50% chance that the pipe won't suck onto the pixel structure Sad

Tall Tower

The tower...

Basically like a tower of Goo, except there are two ballons all the commons are fuses, its taller and the pipe is red.

Quick Bomb

The Fuse has been lit!

I was trying to make my first goo (Heat Bomb) But I failed. I the process I made this level...OCD is 12 Seconds.


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