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Da Oil Wells

Sorry for taking so long, for some reason my world of goo got erase
but I'm back!
The story continues you are now lost in some weird desert someone turn on
the oil wells and a rain of doom will what will it be?

I posted this comment on 7/10/2011

I'm sorry to say this but I am no longer making any more WOG levels
due to something that happen here so... if you want to continue the story go
ahead, I WAS actually planning on making the next level but I never finished it
was very detailed and long.

Ze Forest

You got out of the factory!
Remember that cliff that the sign painter said
'You must be near the great goo tree or goo factory'
There's was two ways the factory and the forest
but you took the factory one.
An now look at the wonders of the great goo tree!

The Second Cog In The Machine

Something has happen in this factory
and the sign painter won't tell.
There are some alarms in there
and OCD is 40 balls.
Both music and sounds are less loud.

The snow cave

It's a little bit like hang low
but different.

Cliffs up up up!

Looks like your going to face some very hard challenges,
or are they?
-The Sign Painter WuZ HerE...

War of Goo 2

Revolution at the world of goo corporation!
Goo vs. Goo
OCD is 130 seconds or less.
I'd uploaded a new one because the last one wans't finish yet.
So this is the final version.

Sky Fortress!!!

This level in the sky with a fortress on a side.
The fourth one I created.

If some of you like the song here is the link for it:

The Internet Connection

My third level it's a little bit complicated.

It's All Mine

This is my second level.
It's pretty tough at the beginning.
The music has been modified.

Youtube link:

High Pillar

This is my first level I created.
So have fun!


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