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Luigi74437Fri, 07/23/2010 - 16:4418.33m8743 days 31 min
ExchangeGOOtentFri, 09/24/2010 - 03:2317.27m1,0857 hours 11 min
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Drained Goos

A glitch in the level...

This is where all the wog corps are made into one and you have about 525 goos (Not including Albinos) It will freeze at the end so just do control-alt-delete (If windows user) If that doesn't work shut down the CPU. But they you'll say "But how do I get the OCD if it freezes?" well go check the level and it should have an OCD flag on it.


Beta version is out with half the goos.

Flying Box Challenge

The Pipe on WOG editor

The sequeal to "Fly-A-Box".

Pilot Goo (My First Level(Without the tutorial!))

The Goo in version 0.9

Yeah and therefore it is very crappy! I will work on a beter version in a while. And this was my first level ever! Version 1.0 will be coming out soon and it features:

. No water (Instead a spiky ground)
. Ivys are bone goos
. Pixel structure gone
. Bit goo is now a pilot goo
. Wall on right is now closer
. New structure down near the spikes
. Goos can't be seen traveling though the "land pipe areas"
. Helper force field is now gone
. And the requirement and OCD have been added/changed

Yeah Pilot goo is getting a big makeover.


version 1.2 is now out.

Paint Takes over the world

First part (without the sign)

All graphics were made on Paint. The story line here is that Paint got the job of WOG's new artist...and everything now looks crappy. I think the requierment was 50 balls and OCD 64 balls (Max).

The War's ending

The Entrance to Net_Goo.

A level I made a long time ago. There are some secret goos up there!

Chapter 4

The Pipe...

Yeah, I'm not going in order but anyways here is Chapter 4. Chapter 5 will be next. 100 goos for the requirement and 125 for the OCD.

Edit: Beta version is now out.


The Box conected by 2 Ivys

I was inspired while making the level "Chapter 4" by one of the rubbish bins which somehow I turned into a Moveable block. So I made this level. OCD is 8 goos.

Go try the challenge here:

The Epic Cave

The Epic Cave enterance

Finally its here there are 5 rooms with a goo product in each of them (Not including starting room) get one goo to complete it and 5 for the OCD.

BMC 2.0

The Background image

A level I started making but started to get bored of it and stopped. My highest record is 1 and there is no OCD. It is quite hard. Don't ask me what the BMC is.


In version 0.5 it is now finished!


The red thing is the BMC (Don't touch it cause its on fire!)

Chapter 1 again!

Goo Products

Sick of the boring Chapter 1? Well now Its more interesting with 103 goo balls to save! There will be another version with fire in it.

Required balls: 80
OCD: 103 balls

"What goo Mods made by me coming up soon?"

-[Level]The Epic Cave
A very challenging level with no gravity and 5 hard rooms (Not including "Pipe" room) each with one of the five goo product goos you need to complete the OCD.


Version 0.7 is now out!


Version 0.8 is now out!


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