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Past screenshot

I'm in the past!

Time Confusion

Time trouble screenshot

Where am I? Time itself... It's, it's, I don't know! It seems I am trapped inside some kind of black time hole!

Upside down version of going up!


It's upside down with zero-gravity! (I know you can finish it in 0 moves and I did that but the level editor doesn't except it so I had to set the OCD to 1 move because it was closest to 0.)

Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy screenshot

Watch out for the flowers!

ups and downs

Ups and downs screenshot

Just a small level!

Cartoony Gooballs

cartoony balls beauty school screenshot

After adding the DNA of various cartoon TV show characters, the Goo Balls now look like cartoons! (black outlines, solid color, etc.) If splats are changed for a ball, they will have this symbol if their splat has been changed: -=) (because it looks like a splat) and this if the detachstrand has been changed: =--

This changes the following gooballs:

Computer Hazard

Computer Hazard Screenshot

What is it?
The sign is taller so it is easier to click without picking up a gooball first. Also, geometry has been removed from the walls so the walls will now detach.

Meet The Sign Painter

The Screenshot

Just a funny joke. We hope you like it!!!

P.S. If you think that this is lame, that's fine. the mods didn't really like it.


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