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I am alive!
I'm Hikima, and I'm from Belarus. Love World of Goo so much and know about this game from its release date.

World of Goo

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Beauty University

I hope it is not too hard or too easy. This level was made relatively fast.
There you need to free two Beauties.
I used there one feature: Bombs can not be detached, so you can not cheat while need to blow something.
Have fun!

GooSoda Factory

Yaay! My second level. I did it for demonstration of new species of goo balls, but I think level turned up interesting. Good luck in walktrough.

Sweet World

My first level. All textures were painted by me or are repainted original, but in truth I was inspired by another game. I spent a lot of time on it. I hope you like it.

In the future I will add new levels.


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