Ball Style (Other) Addins

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King Beauty Balls
King Goo Balls & the pipe

This addin changes "Beauty Product" into King Goo Balls!
But the big "Beauty" looks like gigant version of "Common"...

Red pipe becomes yellow...

My original inspiration for creating Goos in crowns was a term Lord of Goo.

Devil Goo Ball
Screenshot made with the french version of World of Goo

This is a mod that makes Goo balls look devilish.

In fact, the .goomod file only changes the common goo ball from dark grey to red (and it also adds horns to gooballs).

Godly Common Goos
First Release

Makes common goos look like stars. Please give feedback. Enjoy Laughing out loud
- thinner and more transparent spring and strand
- more circular

Balloon Eyes
Flying Machine

This mod edits the balls.xml file in the balloon folder and adds eyes to the balloon gooballs. I think no one ever thought of this before,and this is my first goomod! Big smile

Cartoony Gooballs
cartoony balls beauty school screenshot

After adding the DNA of various cartoon TV show characters, the Goo Balls now look like cartoons! (black outlines, solid color, etc.) If splats are changed for a ball, they will have this symbol if their splat has been changed: -=) (because it looks like a splat) and this if the detachstrand has been changed: =--

This changes the following gooballs:

Happy Distant Goo

Makes the goo on the title screen happy. Based off of jmleleven's Smiley Face Balls.

Dynamite Fuse Balls

It's dynamite!
The Goo Balls, that is.
I noticed there weren't very many (none that I know of, in fact) mods to change the fuse balls, so this one turns them all into sticks of dynamite. Kaboom!

Version 1.1

-Upgraded to goomod version 1.1 spec.
-No longer has .bin file in override directory.

Metroid Morph Balls

A very poorly made addin by yours truly. Anyone like the games?

Invisible Strands
No! Don't drink the invisible potion! Too late.

This new Goo (tm) Invisibility Potion makes the gooball type of your choice* into a INVISIBLE GOOBALL!** You can prank your friends, make it look like a magic trick, or combine it with our Goo (tm) Bakery Products to make FLOATING FOOD! Or, for a more "positive" approach, you can make it higher priority than your smiley gooballs to make MID-AIR SMILEYS! So, buy today for 19.99 USD!***

*Your choice only has common, albino, water,ivy, and WoGC. Deal with it.
**Only the strands are invisible.
***Just kidding. It's free. Just scroll down and click on "Downloads".****

The Colour of Goo
going up

A mod to add colour to common goos.