World of Goo: Geometry Hyperspace

Poster of Geometry HyperspaceAuthor: inwog
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Release date: 11/07/2012 - 19:59
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This addin contains 4 seperated goomods. 3 for the music, and the other one is the main addin. So download all 4 goomods before you play the addin. Don't blame me for splitting the goomod.

The Last Addin for the 3rd Generation

Yup, Geometry Hyperspace is finally my last addin for my 3rd Generation. This addin takes place into space with colored constellation forming the level. The levels in this goomod contains from the past levels in Challenge Levels, Metal WoG, The Goo Worlds, and Mystify Collision World. Some new levels were debuted in this addin. The levels were divided by 5 into 10 groups.


The artwork for the addin is a space themed, and all the gooballs were "digitalized". Since everything were redesigned comparing from the past levels.


Mainly there are 10 groups in Geometry Hyperspace, which they contain 4 normal levels and a spectrum level at the center. Each group has its own color, so the levels, and the OCD Stars must match the color of the group.

These are the names of the group with each of them has a meaning

1. Piratona - Spanish word
2. Fabia - Car name from a Car Brand
3. Helix - Type of DNA used in Science
4. Brontes - Greek form of Thunder (misspelled "Brontos")
5. Zenith - Watch Brand
6. Grypton - Gadget from the name "Grypton Tripod"
7. Dophomos - Combination of Mars' moons "Phobos" and "Deimos"
8. Vahmaras - Renamed of the country "Bahamas"
9. Treagor - A name of a barbecue grill named "Traeger"
10. Mipex - An acronym meaning "Migrant Integration Policy Index"


The Levels

There are two kinds of levels in Geometry Hyperspace, which they're known as the normal level and the spectrum level.

A normal level that contains a past level with some minor changes to the scene and the balls. Each group contains 4 normal levels.

A spectrum level is the final level of a group. These kind of levels are the newest feature of the game. Its layout is different comparing from the other levels. If you remember playing Mystify Collision World's crystal levels, these levels aren't skippable, to secure the other groups. The spectrum level appears at the center with a picture of a rune.

The OCD Ring and the OCD Square

The OCD Ring contains all the level-gained OCD stars which its color defined from the color of the group. The OCD Square is gain when you get an OCD on a spectrum level.

If there's a missing file, problems, or errors, please comment me so I can fix them on version 1.1.

Controversy between GH and TGW2

My project addin "The Goo Worlds 2: The Symbols of Truth" was cancelled due to lack of ideas being thought. Since Geometry Hyperspace is another project of mine, I manage to make my very own rewind chapter addin from my past addins instead.


1. The addin was created in the late of August 2012.
2. This addin was officially published on Christmas Day 2012.
3. Almost every level in the addin were space themed, the spectrum levels covers the entire map by the group's color.
4. Albino Bridge Building is another name for Albino's Bridge Passage for Challenge Levels, so it made the name to Albino Bridge Building.


Version 1.0 November 7, 2012 - present
Version Summary: After I canceled The Goo Worlds 2: The Symbols of Truth: I started this addin's creation back at September after my dengue disease was cured. I gathered custom music from to find something unique for my addin. The levels for this addin was gathered from my 4 previous addins to make my addin a marathon from my past years with new levels included.

Addin made by inwog

There are 11 screenshots.

Poster of Geometry Hyperspace
Piratona Spectrum
Fabia Spectrum
Helix Spectrum
Brontes Spectrum
Zenith Spectrum
Grypton Spectrum
Dophomos Spectrum
Vahmaras Spectrum
Treagor Spectrum
Mipex Spectrum
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