Little Inferno BETA discussion

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I don't know if this is legal, but I know at least 3 of us have the beta and I need to discuss this awesome game! If I shouldn't be starting this thread, just kill it, otherwise... Exclamation Mark WARNING: I am not responsible for any spoilers that may be revealed in this thread! Let the discussion commence!

MODEDIT: Come on IRC and PM people who have played the game if you want to discuss what you've seen before (Don't talk about it in the main IRC channel, because some people who haven't played may be on or may read the IRC logs). -MOM

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No, because anyone online can view this. Kyle, Kyle and Allen don't want spoilers leaking out, and after playing the game I don't want anything leaking out, either. I know spoilers would ruin my experience if I heard any. Locked.

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There's a private beta testers forum coming shortly.