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I have no idea where to post this but...Whenever I try to join goofans minecraft server it just says connection refused...Help? Is it down or something?

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It's probably dead. I remember being on for a couple of hours and no one went on. That was like a year ago Tongue
So I'm guessing no one has been on in awhile.

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It's been down for a while. Davidc took it down on one Minecraft update because it started crashing the entire server and stuff, and he just didn't put it up again after that. We could nag him to put it back up again, but there weren't that many people going on in the first place, at least not from goofans.

Come to think of it, I should probably update the page to reflect that...

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It was fun for a while, but like MOM4Evr says, it was just wrecking the whole server and thus the website and other things hosted on it. If Mojang ever learn how to code or hire in talent to make the server a little less resource-hungry, the data files are still around.


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Hee, hee. I'd forgotten how much you hate Notch and his coding style. XD

Do you think you could try the latest server version and see if it's any less resource-hungry than the older versions were? Just a thought if you have the time.