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Bouncy Ball

A sample on creating bouncy surfaces. Basically it is an empty room with a wall material that has the bounce attribute at 1.1, making the goos bounce higher as described here:

Transparent Goo Corp balls

Makes the goo corp balls transparent.

Radioactive Theme

Chapter 5 new look!

Changes a lot of things: The logo, the title screen name (to "World of Nothinggoo"), colorizes chapter icons and backgrounds, modifies ivy, common, balloon, undead and pokey balls (more ball modification to come) (mutated shrooms to come Tongue)

HAHAHA! the versions skip from 0.2 to 1.3, but that is intended. All the versions in between were failing.

The radioactive Levels!

a lot of goo

I made these guys. I do not know how to make a sandbox so this level has a pipe (but you cant reach it). The goos are not cloned but have the functions of original goo balls (except most of them can have 4 strands). The shadow and the ivy-fuse (they are the ones on the very left when you look at the dispensers) are the second generation. Inside gootool one level will be skipped (rdlevel6) That is because that level has gooballs that failed to work.

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