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This is a nice game created by DavidC. Entitled "Wise up".

You can find it here: http://www.davidc.net/blog/201102/experimental-gameplay-wise-up

The game is about finding the hidden quote within many letters. Yes, it is fun. Guaranteed. It was made by DavidC So it deserves the full 5 Stars. Smile

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Yes because that is always a reason to give a game 5 stars Tongue because of who made it. No I played it, it's fun. A little difficult for the people with bad 2-dimensional depth perception. Tongue

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Ooooh, a writer's paradise! I just love Goo-d word games and puzzles!
Two thumbs up!

**sings** "Here I Goo again on my own. Gooing down the only road I've ever known."

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It's realy good idea. There's something wrong with the settings, because I can choose setting that makes game unplayable. Star Star Star Star Star !!!

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@Goosweek: Happened to me too, try using another web browser to launch it.