Problem with certain Addins

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I noticed that with certain addins I get a message that whenever I try to enable these addins that says:

Addin format exception in ReachTheSky:

Bin files are not allowed in the override directory (com.goofans.gootools.v)

I found two addins that have this both by the same user:

here are the levels:


thanks in advance

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Thanks for reporting this!

GooTool has become more strict in what it allows in goomods since its first version. If there are bin files in the override directory, as the error says, the mod will only work on a Windows or Linux computer, not a mac.

The moderators will edit those goomods and fix them ASAP.

Another Planet finally has an official release! Download chapters 1 through 3 here! Thank you for waiting so long while I kept starting over.