Reach the Sky

Version 0.6.0Author: Ceecilion
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Release date: 07/23/2012 - 15:56
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Signs-bug fixed
Cursor now complete Blue.
Common now Blue.
Bit Now Sky-blue
Bit cursor is now a little help for you (o ^.^ o)

-Test version
-contain bugs(scroll out of world,etc)

-Ivy changes with Cloud-Goos(next update i will make better clouds for them)
-added a little part of the level
-OCD is now possible

just a little Correction(
-it has Camera moves over important points and I Zoom out.(to much?)
-I edit the Strands of the Cloud-Goos


-Changes are now only in the level
-Signpsot added(sry for the layout^^ I will fix the signs later)
-Pokey changed to Cloud_pokey
-Cursor has new Colors(at time only the Drag cursor, and only when you drag one of
the both Cloud_goo balls[C_Ivy and C_Pokey])
-OCD is reduced to 32

the level is incomplete!
there will be more parts.

There are 4 screenshots.

Version 0.6.0
Version 0.5
I'm not so GOOd in this level
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0.5.3AllWed, 04/22/2009 - 07:05Ceecilion.level.RtS.v.0.5.3.goomod548.74 KB1,109
0.5.3WindowsWed, 04/22/2009 - 05:54Ceecilion.level.RtS.v.0.5.3.goomod548.74 KB992

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