An error in guide spinning

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It said: "rotspeed = 0.1 (again this is rotations per second)."
But when I set rotspeed=0.1256 (0.04pi) it rotate 1 rotation per second.

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Indeed. The rotspeed attribute of geometry objects is affected by the mass of the object. That is, it changes it strength (and thus rotations per second) depending on the mass.

DaB probably wasn't focusing while he wrote that, I'll fix it.

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I expect that it would be one per second if the mass were 1.

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No. Are you just guessing?
I have already experimented. mass=1,rotspeed=1 objects rotate as fast as mass=10000,rotspeed=1 objects. The force is affected by the current speed and rotspeed. If you don't believe, try it.