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This isn't really important, but I thought it was interesting.
I created a really long tower (actually just kept detatching and reattaching goos in a long line to the right) to see how long and thin my tower picture could get in GooTool. Apparently I did this too much, and the picture vanished entirely after I clicked the "refresh" profile button. In any case, the next time I launched GooTool, it would get to the "Initialising GUI" part and stop abruptly. Going into WOG Corp again and dissassembling my long tower solved the problem, but this is still a glitch in GooTool.
I know, most people don't build sideways.Smile

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Wow, I didn't have that problem with an earlier version of GooTool, when I connected all the 300 balls horizontally. Must be a new bug. Smile

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Well, actually I might have gone farther. I left one structure off to the left and navigated another structure (attatch, detatch, attatch, detatch, etc) way, way off to the right. I'm not sure if I went 300 goos worth to the right or not, it's kind of difficult to tell.Smile

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I did that too. A long time ago. Didn't have any problems

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Okay, never mind.

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I'm not sure I have the patience to create a 300-wide tower to test this Smile

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Yeah, it did take a while. It's really not that important of a problem.Smile