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The recent change of level naming in "Far Lands" goomod 1.0 has left the original level names from version 0.9 in profile. Please can gootool have a facility to delete lines from a profile. This would also be useful to clean up a profile before publishing.

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Please fix an annoying bug: "Ungaugth expection (java.util.NoSuchElementExpection):null"

I can guess that no one will answer this topic because i said my problem here. Sad

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I had this error earlier, but I downloaded the newest version of Gootool (1.0.2)and it worked ok.

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ukpetd: You can delete lines from a profile by decrypting it with the Advanced->Decrypt .bin file functionality. After editing file, you can encrypt it again and theoretically it will work okay. Of course, you'll really have to know what you're doing!Wink

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actually the problem is "NoSuchElementExpection"!By the way gootool 1.0.2 did'nt work. Sad

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Joris, this thread is about something else. Please stick to your own thread for your problem. I'm sure, as soon as davidc is back, he'll look into this and answer you.

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As mentioned before, I don't intend to add anything that modifies the user's profile file. The online player ID was a one-off exception to help people get past a show-stopping problem caused by the leaderboards being down.

I don't see the risk or amount of work required for this feature being worth it, sorry.

As MOM4Evr said, you can edit your pers2.dat if you know what you're doing. but really, is it such a big problem?


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Just to let you know, 2D Boys server for creating IDs will be up and runing soon... confirmed by Kyle! Wink

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