Goomodder Challenges

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I have an idea.... its the Goomodder challenges! basically, its a chapter where each goomodder creates a single level (which can be very hard and long if you want) and all the levels that people make are put into one chapter! You can have custom goo, but THEY MUST BE YOUR OWN

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How do I mak a level for the goomoder challenges

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Simple! Make a level, it can he hard or VERY HARD. Use your own gooballs if you want, and publish it with something about goomoder challenges in the description, or message it to me in discord

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On it! But I'm not doin' this in school...

Wanna make a chapter with me

Contact me on discord at Kasumi Smile


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Well... I guess I could give this a try...

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How many levels will be in the goomooder challenges chapter, and when is the due date for creating levels for it?

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There is no specific deadline, but i recommend soon cause i will finish it when there are a good amount of levels

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I want to make something. I'll get to it at some point

I give critique to recent levels.

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i might try to make a level for this. Hopefully i will be able to do one, because I am kind of lazy Smile

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