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I created a goomod with wog editor 6.9, its probably a problem with the addin file but I don't see it. Please help!
Download level here.

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Yup... looks like it's the addin.xml...
The message that GooTool gives is a little vague, but does tell you it's a problem with the id

Looks like GooTool DEMANDS that you include at least one . in the id.

You should read this....

and I'll do something in WoG Editor to ensure you can't produce goomod's that GooTool won't accept.

Thanks for finding this out. Smile

Oh.. and I just looked at the level...
it's a nice idea, but I don't think it will work!


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I know what your problem is! you put the level name as the id when the id should be something like this example. name(don't put spaces when you put in the name of your mod/level)

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oh yeah and one more thing. It seems 2 pipes do work in a level, but the second pipe won't have images.

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and I discovered another thing. the first pipe doesn't work at all!

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Well, the second pipe doesn't work, I changed it now it works its called Deadly Rise.

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yep, i just posted a comment on that addin.