New WoG Editor v0.70! Works on Linux (maybe)

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Yup, another new version.
This one handles Text resource for signs and labels.. and has a load of fixes and extra WoG crash checks in it.
Get it Here

Also, if you haven't noticed...
New pages about WoG Editor, FAQ, a couple of reference and guide pages and coming 'soon' a tutorial.
All here

Linux Users!

0pac has produced a Linux binary version of WoG Editor (v0.70 beta)
If you're interested... Wink
Download it here
And tell us... What platform you're on, and if it works for you!

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Linux users:
addionally, post the error messages if you get some^^ (should I make a new thread for collecting them? I'm guite new here^^ )

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Let's see, You've made...

A windows version,
AND (new!) a Linux version....

But (if you ever do) make a mac version, can you not make it a ".app"?

I've had a school mac for a while now, and you can't install more .app's on them!

People with school macs would want to make levels, you know! Wink