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Hi all...
Can anobydy help me with programming levels like in WoG?
Is there any article, book or smt. about this topic?

Thank you

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on this site there is level editor.
and tutorial:

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i want to read something about programming it. manage this kind of scene in source code, best way to store it, etc etc...
i didnt mean creating level...


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There is no programing involved in making levels for World of goo.

There is a level editor and you use it to make levels.

@Martin 33
Daft as Brush's new level editor guide is much better Wink

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i know about level editor for WoG

my question is about generally programming levels like in WoG.

i know this is not programming forum, but i am sure there are lot of guys who know about implementation in WoG. eg. comunity level editor programmer

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Oh, so you mean making a program that will make levels or otherwise interact with WoG?

Levels are not programmed, like in Aquaria and Half-Life/2 and such. Everything is made of either PNG (or the Mac equivalent) or XML. (Actually, you can also make animations and cutscenes, too.)

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and do you know how are levels in Aquaria programmed? What is the oter way instead of having just a few bounding boxes and images?

and second question
how is it possible to change resolution and keep good proportions in game? Iam looking on WoG resources and the images are pretty small. How to scale them up without some negative effects?


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There is scripting involved in Aquaria, so it's highly customizable. That's actual programming. (Though using the level editor to make a simple level is comparable to doing it with WoG. They both use XML and PNG, though there are less hoops to jump through with Aquaria.)

Changing resolution is easy. Open your config.txt file (under the properties folder) and change the width and height tags. For the images, you'll have to somehow recreate them if you want them to be really high-res. I think WoG use anti-aliasing, so things don't look too bad when you're playing 1080p.

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