Particle effects on levels

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How can you add effects to walls on levels, like the blast wall exploding in Upper Shaft?

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Every destroyable geometry explodes in the same way. There is no special code in level.

There are only two things required:
1. Geometry tag: break=1
2. Image set for the geometry

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but graphic is not needed

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QSWX is right. If there's no image it still does the geomExplodeDust effect, but the exploding image seems to be randomly black and white.

Also: If you have an image with transparency, all the alpha values are set to 100. Pure transparent turns black. (see Rockslide)

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But when there's no image, there will be only paticles in the air. It works, but looks... ...

PS. Shattered image after explosion has scale equal to 1.

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yeah, I found a really weird glitch on 'Your Own Little Factory' on Chapter 2, on my WoG2
All the 'exploding things' went hay-wire when i played the level.
I deleted them :s

meh, its all good now

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