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I just realised making level a .goomod is f@*&$#g hard.could somebody help me to complete making merge and override directions?

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generally you have to make a filestructure like this:

com.goofans.Joris.levels.LevelName (.zip/.goomod)*
- addin.xml
- compile
-- res
--- levels
---- LevelName
----- (in here: LevelName.level.xml, LevelName.scene.xml, LevelName.resrc.xml)**
- override
-- res
--- music
---- (if you use your own music then convert it to .ogg and put it here.)
--- levels
---- LevelName
----- (you put PNGs of your level's own images here.)***
--- (inside this dir goes the text.xml.xsl if you want to put in your own signs.)****

*first you create a directory structure like this. later, after you added all the files you zip it, and then rename the zip to goomod.

**the .xml files here are actually the .bin files from WoG(custom)/res/levels/LevelName that WOG Editor created. use gootool to decode them.

i just saw in the other thread that you were wondering about these xml files, so i explain in more detail:

When you created the goomod structure, you open GooTool.
in the menu go to Advanced>Decrypt>Decrypt .bin file(PC/Linux).
Choose the directory where WoG Editor put your level. "WoG(custom)/res/levels/LevelName".

(WoG(custom) because it could either be your "real" WoG installation dir, or the custom WoG that GooTool created.)

GooTool asks you to select the output dir for the decoded files.
your "goomod" should at this point just be a directory, so choose ".../com.goofans.Joris.levels.LevelName/compile/res/levels/LevelName".

And voila, the 3 .bin files of your levels are converted to .xml and placed into your goomod (structure^^).

***you don't need to put images in, that exist in the original game. those you just need to "link" properly in Resources (via WOG Editor, or directly in LevelName.resrc.xml).

**** if you don't use a sign or other fancy stuff that needs to be merged in the original game files, you don't need a "merge" dir at all.
the same is true for the "music" dir, for instance.

(there can be other dirs in goomods, like for your own ball types, but i didn't want to make it more complex.)

read the documentation of all the dirs for more info, and espacially the addin.xml description, just one typo there would be crucial.

also, look in other .goomods, how they were done, that helps a lot. Laughing out loud

and don't open more threads for this topic. Tongue

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finally a VERY goo-d tutorial.thanks XDboy Wink i won't open any new topics for this question.and please don't lock this topic.

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