How to make digital signs?

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I know how to make signs, but I don't know how to make them digital like in the information super highway.

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You can't make images like in Information SuperHighway in chapters different than 4.
You can only use "digital images" for it. When you clik at digital-looking sign post, you will see only wooden sign...

I know it's unfair.

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For a single-level mod, you could use a merge to place the button in the sky of Chapter 4.

For 1 island of a big mod to be virtual, just swap the island numbers.

For the entire world to be ISH-like, replace the Signpost DLG Flip, etc. movies with the ISH ones.

Another Planet finally has an official release! Download chapters 1 through 3 here! Thank you for waiting so long while I kept starting over.