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I was having a go at making a mod that makes all signs show messages like the signs in the Information Super Highway, after seeing the thread "How to make digital signs?" So, after reading heaps about goomod files in the "Addin File Format" section I finally made one that looked like it should work. But, when I tried to install it using GooTool, I get the "Unable to parse document" error. I'm suspecting it's talking about the addin.xml file in the goomod's root directory, so here is the xml code for you:

<addin spec-version="1.1">
<name>ISH Signs</name>
<!-- Will put a thumbnail here in later version -->
This addin makes all signs in World Of Goo, custom <i>and</i> original levels, display in the way of the digital signs in Chapter 4: Information Superhighway. <b>Note:</b> This will have an effect on ALL levels in ALL chapters, so remember to install and uninstall this mod to your needs.
<!-- No dependencies -->

I'm using version (latest I think) of GooTool and I haven't gotten it with any other addins so far, so I'm sure it's something with mine.

(By the way, I put this here and not in the GooTool forum because I think it's something with my goomod, not with GooTool.)

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It's not about GooTool, the XML is invalid.
You're missing a closing > in the description tag

]] > </description>

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Many thanks, Daft as Brush, it would have taken me forever to find that.

My mod works swimmingly now, I'll go upload it and maybe you'd like to take a look when you have time.